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Written by crizlai on Jul 26th, 2009 | Filed under: life, lifestyle, rant, wrinkle


You felt your whole body is like tearing apart with squeaking sound here and there, as if it’s a worn out machine. Every part that works in your body hurts and those that don’t are practically useless. The next thing you would realize would be you consuming more pills than food. Your mind may want to do something but normally your body won’t cooperate. They don’t calibrate with each other well.

You thought you can still enjoy life by the beach as you would when you were twenty years old but the rays from the sun kept making your bifocal lens hurt your eyes. You used to bring your girlfriends to the beach to have a great time. Now it’s not your children but your grand children. That’s another sign of old age.

It’s really frustrating when you know all the answers such as how to stay healthy at such an age, what’s the best diet around or even ways to get the best wrinkle cream to make you look years younger but nobody bothers to ask you the questions. Time may be a great healer but it also had the reputation of being a lousy beautician. Unless you know how to turn back time or know what’s the best necessities for your age, it’s just another dull boring day in your life. I don’t think that would be what most of us would want in life. We should be having the best in our life even though we have time to fight with.

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