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Written by crizlai on Jan 20th, 2010 | Filed under: acne, beauty, life, tips

I thought those pesky little acnes would disappear from my forehead and cheeks once I had passed my twenties but I was so wrong. Was I? Maybe there are some truths in the disappearance right on my face since I had gone over the hormonal changes as a teen. Somehow as I grew older, those acnes did get lesser but bigger instead as they “migrate” to my other parts of body, basically on jaw line, neck, chest, back and even on the butt. I don’t know what else can be as stressful as that in the working world where I would be in constant meet ups with clients. Those big and bulky looking acnes could be such a big distraction!

Adult acnes are so common nowadays with more and more products being launched by the dermatology and beauty industries. There are many reasons for adult acnes ranging from stress to easy infestation of bacteria during an adult’s more heavy, sweaty and intense exercises. In short, we are stewing up acnes in our own sweat and they sure love the heated up processes. Surprisingly, adult women have more acne problems compared to adult men from the market research of a reputable brand. Well, I won’t touch more on that as we know that women’s hormones tend to fluctuate more than men’s. That would explain the reasons behind the less constant but more erratic acne problems.

So how are you going to treat adult acne if you have a wide range of products out there on the marketplace? It will depend on the sensitivity of your skin. The best would be to consult a dermatologist to get the best solution to your adult acne issues. Most of the consumers would look for those all natural products which would not contain any potentially harmful ingredients such as benzol peroxide, mineral oils, harmful alcohols, tetracycline, lanolin and parabens but again this will depend on your dermatologist’s advice. Leave it to the expert’s to stop the outbreak and guide you to your stress free days.

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