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Written by crizlai on May 3rd, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, career, tips


Do you realize that most people would just go on living on a daily basis without considering having any backup plan in case something suddenly went wrong in their career? Most people would be in such a comfort zone that they would think that they are in dispensable in their organization. Nothing would be permanent. Your organization might be very stable and would not ever retrench you but towards the end of the day, you might feel that such routine job seemed to get boring day after day. You wanted a change but even if you do so, would your qualification find you a job that would add a little more life than what you had experienced before?

Finding a new job or careers that would suit you might not be so simple after all if you do not have the necessary qualifications or skills. It would even be harder if the economy were not good at that time and only the top of the cream personnel would be employed. What’s the best way to ascertain that you will build your career well in another career? The answer is simple. You learn more in your spare time. Do gather as much experience, knowledge and skills that are related directly or indirectly to your qualification. In short, it’s your backup plan to excel in another field of work.

A rich man once told me that he got richer each day was not because of his inheritance. He grew rich because he had work diligently in all the industries that he had ever stepped foot in and combined all their marketing strategies. Those careers he had gone through made him a better person to understand the market needs and wants more. Thus, he was able to tap the market and gain the most out of it.

Everyone has two choices in life… you either design your life with good careers to achieve your dreams or you just stay in the comfort zone to realize someone else’s dreams. It’s your choice.

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