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Written by crizlai on Mar 29th, 2010 | Filed under: accessories, home, living, tips


Do you know how you could enhance the feel in a new environment when you have quite a few antique pieces that you had collected during the past years? Antique collection can be a fun and fashionable pastime but most of the time we have the tendency to collect so many that they made the whole place looked too cluttered. Well, this might make your visitors quite unimpressed if you do not have any idea of blending them off with some relevant furniture and fitting.

Since most of these antiques would be in darker shades, it would be advisable to paint the walls in lighter shades and complement them with some pastel shades curtains and upholstery as these would be great canvas for antiques. Some cleverly placed mini spotlights would indeed be ideal and inexpensive for some effective accent lighting.

Complimenting colored rugs and door mats would surely blend in real well with your antiques collections. Do get some that are durable, resilient and resistant to soil and abrasion. These minor touches would be the perfect finishes for your decorative scheme and furniture style.

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