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Written by crizlai on Jan 14th, 2011 | Filed under: awareness, games, life, lifestyle, technology


With so many social networks available through the internet nowadays, you can practically find a steadily increase in the number of social games almost in any site you pop in. Social games are becoming a key aspect in people’s lives. About 60% of the social network users had at least got themselves involved in a social game, with more than two thirds started at the beginning of last year. Most of the social gamers were introduced through the mode of heavily promoted advertisements within the social networks, followed by a substantial numbers being drawn in by their social network friends.

From a survey, it was learned that two thirds of the social gamers play at least 2-3 games per week. One third of them play at least a game daily with a quarter of them logging into their game account several times daily. Surprisingly, those golden aged group surpassed the teen and middle aged group in social gaming. I guessed they have more time in hand after retiring from their jobs. Amongst those social gamers, 70% of them are playing for fun or to kill time, 25% of them play to compete with friends while one fifth plays to relieve stress.

From the current trend of social gamers, it looks as if social games would be here for a long time since there’s a significant growth in the computer games development market within these few short years. This is becoming a reality as no matter where you go, whether in subways, colleges, offices or homes, you can easily spot people playing social games on their laptop computers, tablets or mobiles.

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