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Written by crizlai on Mar 14th, 2011 | Filed under: rant, tips


My present public relations and events management company has been getting endless streams of projects to handle recently. Unless you are well equipped with good contacts and great planning, it may sound rather tedious and stressful for many. Can you imagine getting these event planning jobs and each event ended up chaotic? That would be a big blow to the image and reputation of your company.

As each event has its own set of details to attend to, you would need to carefully develop a plan with essential elements and backups as well to make it a success. To make things clearer, let’s take a product launch as an example. Basically, the 4W+1H would play an important part in your planning stage. When? Where? Why? What? How?

When do you think would be the best time to hold the event in order to get the best responses from the public? Do check up if the date selected clashes with any major events. If it does, choose another suitable date instead of hosting a failed event.

Where would be the best venue to hold your product launch? Firstly, you have to identify your target group. Would that be the general public or a selected age group of students? Having determined your target group would allow you to get the best venue to hold your event.

Why do you think that the above two would be ideal? Do you have enough of working days and manpower in order to it well? If not, choose again.

What are the essential elements and items needed for the event? An organizing committee is needed to handle individual category such as logistic, sound and lightings, photography and videography, advertising and promotion, pressmen and press release, gift items, mailing list, RSVP, invited VIP, etc. Each member should be given specific tasks to perform that they are comfortable with. All of them would be required to send their feedback to the chairperson for proper executions of the event.

How to handle confusions and setbacks? There tend to be minor hiccups in most of the events. It could be just anything from a missing speaker to last minute cancellation by your VIP to officiate the event. Well, you need to have a backup in your planning just in case there are some unforeseen situations.

In fact, there are more steps to be taken in order to make any event successful. Just base on the 4W+1H principle and you will get every of your needs accounted for.

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