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Written by crizlai on May 15th, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, diet, health, life, lifestyle, living, rant, weight loss


Devil: Oooo… look at all those delicious and succulent dishes on the buffet spread elster for 2017. Let’s jump in and gobble everything up like there’s no tomorrow.

Angel: Errr… I will forgo your wild food expedition this time, Devil meinvz fotos herunterladen. I have put on so much weight tagging along with you all these while.

Devil: Why worry now Angel? Savor the best while you can stadtplan downloaden. You won’t get to have hot sizzling grills and fresh seafood spreads on your buffet line all the time. Gosh! Look at that giant roasted lamb leg! Slurps~

Angel: Stop tempting me Devil filme herunterladen chip! You are making my saliva dripping endlessly!

Devil: Abalone salad! Prawn cocktail! Grill cod fish! Salmon sushi! Black Pepper beef steak herunterladen! Roasted duck! This roasted duck is real good. You want a bite, Angel?

Angel: Arghh! See No Evil! Hear No Evil! Eat No Evil mysql workbench download kostenlos!

Devil: Come on Angel. A little bite won’t make you grow fat. Hehehe…

Angel: No microsoft visual studio 2017 for free! You have your natural sauna down there to help you trim down. All I have up there are blue skies and natural cool air. Just look at the layers of my belly fat now loxone app! I looked so unhealthy!

Devil: LOL! That’s your problem. Who ask you to eat lavishly and never go for any exercise fifa mobile herunterladen? I run a lot all over the world creating mischief and havocs. You just sit up there waiting for the human to cry for help. Isn’t that the results of your inactiveness Download garmin cards for free?

Angel: Errr…

Devil: Come on. Forget about all those dieting and join me in this feasting. Worst come to worst, I’ll just get you some weight loss products to help you lose weight.

Angel: Hmm… Ok! Let’s hit the buffet line. Just make sure you keep to your promise and get me those products. I don’t want to turn obese or it would be harder for me to move about to clean up your messes.

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Written by crizlai on May 14th, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, health, life, lifestyle, rant


If you suddenly feel that you have lose the urge for a healthy lifestyle once you have reach 25 years old, you should check your testosterone level right away musik downloaden link. Testosterone deficiency could create metabolic issues almost immediately or the long term consequences could affect a person’s mood swings. These include depression, gaining muscles, fat loss, constantly feeling fatigue, poor libido, lack of concentration and occasional memory loss shopware bilder herunterladen.

With our present stress-filled lifestyle and not having a balance diet, exercise or even rest, the productivity of testosterone would decrease as age catches up herunterladen. Thus, the feeling of reduced zest for life began to occur in you. Just ask yourself these few questions. Have you been constantly involved in duties that required stressful long hours clash royale hack ohne app herunterladen? Have you been sleeping late due to urgent matters to be settled without any more delays? When was the last time you thought of having some active bed activities with your partner herunterladen? Do you get tired more easily than ever? There are more to testosterone deficiency than the ones mentioned above but the more important thing now is to get that testosterone level up instagram videos download apps.

By raising your testosterone level, you would gain more muscles to your abs while burning off those fats easily. You moods would be enhanced with the necessary aggressiveness and confidence ball games for free. Healthy libido would not be a problem to you too. There are many natural testosterone remedies available in the market which would be packaged either in cream or pills firefox old version. Both would equally help you in building up the man in you.

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Written by crizlai on May 3rd, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, career, tips


Do you realize that most people would just go on living on a daily basis without considering having any backup plan in case something suddenly went wrong in their career download youtube for free music? Most people would be in such a comfort zone that they would think that they are in dispensable in their organization. Nothing would be permanent. Your organization might be very stable and would not ever retrench you but towards the end of the day, you might feel that such routine job seemed to get boring day after day Download arma 3 for free german full version. You wanted a change but even if you do so, would your qualification find you a job that would add a little more life than what you had experienced before download bgb?

Finding a new job or careers that would suit you might not be so simple after all if you do not have the necessary qualifications or skills deadpool 2. It would even be harder if the economy were not good at that time and only the top of the cream personnel would be employed. What’s the best way to ascertain that you will build your career well in another career download organ notes for free? The answer is simple. You learn more in your spare time. Do gather as much experience, knowledge and skills that are related directly or indirectly to your qualification geburtstagsfotos kostenlosen. In short, it’s your backup plan to excel in another field of work.

A rich man once told me that he got richer each day was not because of his inheritance games via mega. He grew rich because he had work diligently in all the industries that he had ever stepped foot in and combined all their marketing strategies. Those careers he had gone through made him a better person to understand the market needs and wants more Download ebooks for free german without registration. Thus, he was able to tap the market and gain the most out of it.

Everyone has two choices in life… you either design your life with good careers to achieve your dreams or you just stay in the comfort zone to realize someone else’s dreams classical music for children for free. It’s your choice.

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Written by crizlai on Mar 3rd, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, beauty, life, migraine, rant

I have been yearning for some cold treats for some time now but the problem is I’m still afraid of the head pounding pain I will have as before after consuming the delicious and creamy ice cream anno 1602 herunterladen. I have checked my tooth frequently and they seemed to look fine. I suspect that there is a hairline crack somewhere hidden within the two rows of teeth that made me suffer each time a mouthful of cold stuff passed through them herunterladen.

Can you imagine the pain having a screw drilled into your gums, triggering neck pain, swollen eyes and a migraine all at the same time all google fonts? The pain is unbearable even with the help of some pain killers easily available off the shelves.

I better seek the advice of a professional dentist soon or else I won’t be able to enjoy those cold and sweet treats anymore robin hood die legende von sherwood kostenlos herunterladen. At the same time, I hope I can get some of those crooked teeth aligned well. They made me look so fragile and unconfident in myself. My life has been without much smile due to the inferior complex in me hausparty. Let’s hope the Plano dentist will help me gain my confidence further.

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Written by crizlai on Feb 11th, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, diet, health, lifestyle, rant, tips

I’m sure by now most of you would have watched Columbia Pictures’ and Sony Pictures Animation’s animated movie named “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” with your children at the theater drawboard pdf herunterladen? It was about a scientist, Flint Lockwood, who tried to solve the world’s hunger problems only to see things go awry as food falls from the sky in abundance download games. Of course, there’s the greed factor when there’s this great invention. Mayor Shelbourne schemed to use Flint’s latest invention for his own personal gain java runtime environment kostenlos download. Towards the end, not only did the mayor’s greed created havoc in the small town, he grew so huge by eating nonstop all the high-carb food that he could barely walk windows 7 games for free.

It’s a great lesson for us to note that eating lavishly on high-carb food all the time might not be good for the body syncios free download. Although the food had been presented right in front of us so conveniently, there should be some limitation to our food intake. You need to stick to it, do not go on and off the diet nero 7. It would be harder to lose weight each time you go back on as your metabolism would become more resistant to the changes.

I guessed Mayor Shelbourne would need to check out right now if he would want to have a healthier lifestyle urlaubskalender 2020 herunterladen.

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