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Written by crizlai on Nov 20th, 2010 | Filed under: announcement, computer, review, technology

Recently, about 20 bloggers from Penang and Kedah were invited to CSL’s Spice MI700 DroidPad preview at Gurney Plaza, Penang. As Android has been the next state-of-the-art gadget in the market other than the Apple’s 10” iPad, all of us were very eager to learn more on what interesting features this 7” newly launched tablet has.


We were divided into two groups in order to get a more personalized preview and hands on experiences on the Spice MI700 DroidPad play store filme auf pcen. This was followed by some feedback questionnaires by CSL and a quiz session to determine who has the most knowledge on the product. Eventually, all went home with some CSL souvenirs but one person was randomly selected to take home an extra item – a CSL Spice MI700 DroidPad worth RM1599. Well, two can change the life of a person. How true it was for our fellow blogger, Ms. Apple Tan (Mr. Steven Goh’s wife), who was pregnant at that time. That’s two, right? 😛 She emerged the lucky winner of the Android gadget with extra two black eyes on the existing two white eyes on the CSL mascot on the promotion brochure office 2016 update manually. Congrats Mrs. Goh! 🙂


Now let’s us study more in depth into the Spice MI700 DroidPad, a 7” tablet that runs on Android 2.2 Froyo, the latest mobile open platform developed by Google. It enables you work, play, shoot photos/videos/webcam/chat or even track your location with its in built GPS tracking device. It also supports a regular sized SIM card and is capable of supporting quadband networks such as EDGE, GSM, UMTS and HSDPA. It also has a WLAN 802.11 b/g. Measures at merely 179.4mm H x 110mm W x 11.5mm T and weighs at roughly 410gms, the tablet came with a long lasting 3240 mAh Li-Polymer battery internet stream herunterladen. It’s equipped with Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR support, front facing VGA camera and and a back facing 3MP autofocus camera, which if by connecting to a Bluetooth headset, you would be able to make voice calls or video conferences right at your tip with ease. The Spice MI700 DroidPad is powered by Qualcomm MSM7227/600 MHz chipset with ROM/RAM of 512MB respectively and would be able to support a microSD card up to 32GB. You can check out the full specification at the CSL website herunterladen.


I did a little time exploring more on the set but I would think I may need to spend more in the future to get accustomed to some of the features. Here are some of my feedbacks I can provide at the mean time.

1. The booting time is quite acceptable at almost less than a minute considering that not that many programs had been installed into the system yet.

2. The screen resolution is quite acceptable, provided you do not place the screen protector sticker, which eventually caused the colors to be slightly pale looking zona kostenlos herunterladen.

3. Scrolling, touching and swiping can be quite smooth with hardly any lagging although I did face some areas where my touches needed to have at least two inputs. I have no problems with the smartly spaced virtual keyboard.

4. As for games, it rocks all time. No lag at all so far.

5. Reading with its e-Book reader can be fun as the word size is just right for my vision. Page transition is without any haste too Download movies for free chip.

6. I have no problems viewing videos through YouTube or any other online video sites. I have yet to test out on the video player but I guessed I may have to download some players to test the system out soon.

7. I also do not have any problems checking out my emails as well as connecting to FaceBook or Google Talk. I have yet to test out on some of the FaceBook games.

8. Checking GPS reading from Google Maps was fine. I’ll check on the free one year MapKing GPS Navigation system once I get it activated soon eigene bilder von facebook herunterladen.

9. With two speakers installed at both sides of the tablet, the sound of music through the music player is quite acceptable.

10. Browsing and switching websites is smooth flowing, except that I wonder why CSL missed out the feature of allowing FLASH related graphics to show up on the system. Hardware or software limitation?

11. The quality of photo shooting through its 3MP camera is quite acceptable, considering that you won’t really need such high quality photos to be posted online herunterladen.

12. I have yet to test on the battery life but I guess all gadgets would not last more than a few hours if heavy usage.

13. The tablet’s pre-installed full version of Documents To Go is so cool. It allows you to read, create, edit, cut or paste Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files so easily. I love this so much.

14. As for the pre-installed applications, I felt that some of them such as the Islamic features is not relevant to some of our needs instagram for free. It would be best if it were to be placed in the Market for those who need to download them. It gets rather cluttered and messy with so many things on the screen. Well, that’s my personal opinion here.

15. Although the tablet might be convenient and light weight to carry around, the price is still too steep at RM1599 (~USD500). Even a NetBook is cheaper than the tablet easily. I personally felt that a price range of between RM1.1K and RM1.3K would be more attractive to capture the market share dji mavic air bilder herunterladen.

You can check out CSL Malaysia’s official website for more updates.

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Written by crizlai on May 13th, 2010 | Filed under: business, product, technology, tips


Can you remember the olden days where you would have to close down your shop for a day or two just to conduct your annual stock check gratis baby haakpatronen downloaden? Each day you close for business would mean that you lose out on some sales and it’s a tedious task for just anyone if you have hundreds to thousands items in your inventory kik messenger free for pc. Won’t you think that investing in a barcode scanner would solve all the losses? In fact, it’s a necessary technology for just any company nowadays who are looking for business success Download basecamp.

Owning a barcode scanner would eventually eliminate tedious record keeping, thus more hours can be spent in generating more sales for a company anbei der link zum herunterladen. All one would need is a bit of computer knowledge to print out the barcodes and a bit of time in gluing them onto your products. With the advancement in the barcode printing of today, even the price tag can be combined on the same sticker animal sounds. Thus, your job would be easier now, right?

With the correct software and an appropriate printer, these user friendly scanners would surely give you more time and control over your business operations music tracks for free legal. Won’t you want less stress to run your company well?

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Written by crizlai on Jan 11th, 2010 | Filed under: life, lifestyle, living, rant, technology

The winter of 2009-2010 could set a new record in the history of America as the worst winter ever for the past 2 decades and more videos aus br mediatheken. To date, some states had experienced temperature hitting 40 degrees below zero. Almost the entire population of the eastern half of the United States is trying their best to endure the severely low temperature bau simulator kostenloser download. It looked as if it would be a nationwide chill for many with increasing chill levels overnight even in states such as Florida.

With such bad weather for everyone, don’t you think it would be great if everyone were to have cozy moments by the fireplace this winter apk for free? Finding good logs for the fireplace would be almost impossible with such bones drilling chill, won’t you think it would be better to get an electric fireplace instead download score?

I won’t mind having a freestanding electric stove in my living room right now too. At least it would be portable and less costly than some of the built-in fireplace meine sbk app herunterladen. It would also be nice to spend some warm moments with my family without even worrying about the coldness out there. I felt like not moving away from the electric stove after experiencing such comfort herunterladen netflix laptop. Thanks to the convenience of having the remote features where I can just click by the mode of a remote control. Don’t you think life can be much more comfortable now swr mediathek filmeen?

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Written by crizlai on Jan 4th, 2010 | Filed under: accessories, life, product, rant, technology

Gone were the days where wired hand free headsets were the rage of that period legal videos von youtube downloaden kostenlos. Not only were the sets bulky, they get spoiled easily. Today you see a brand new type of wireless gadget practically on the heads of many young professionals as well as those in their golden ages herunterladen. What are those called? They are the Bluetooth Wireless Headsets.

Thanks to its breakthrough technology, people are now able to talk on their mobile phones in a totally new way herunterladen. Bluetooth headset is an invaluable tool to boost up the efficiency and productivity in a working environment cd branderen gratis. Being wireless, tasks that require the usage of both hands can be accomplished within the shortest period of time.

With the advancement in the Bluetooth technology, some brands of headsets can even allow pairing with as many as eight devices at one time and with two devices working simultaneously easytax 2019 aargau herunterladen. Isn’t that great? Now life would be easier if you were to own a set too.

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Written by crizlai on Dec 25th, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, internet, life, rant, solutions, technology

I was working on a few projects with tight deadlines and suddenly my hard disc decided to create havoc with the appearance of lots of bad sectors ea spiele downloaden. Most of the files I was working on during that one week were as good as useless. No matter what software I had used to recover the data, they did not produce any positive results herunterladen. Even trying to transfer the data to my backup hard drive was near impossible. It was a frustrating moment for me as the last backup I had done was months ago red sparrow downloaden. I was as good as dead as every work that I had done after that strike remained inaccessible.

In the end, it took me weeks just to transfer any usable data manually to my new backup drive transport fever 2 mods downloaden. It was a tedious job as I had hundreds of folders around and each corrupted file within each folder would not allow me to backup my data properly. Luckily my hard disc was still within the warranty period but that would not mean that scenario like this would not reoccur in the near future nokia 6020 photos. There would still be the risks involved in losing important documents.

I was glad I was one of the seasoned workers who could get a job done within the shortest period of time, without even tarnishing the company’s reputation tablet kostenlos herunterladen. To me, this experience was a loss to the company’s chances to profit from more projects. Valuable time had been wasted due to a minor overlook on proper backup systems download netflix voor mac. The company should have taken up the proposed online backup offer a few months back. As a result, I would not have had such chaotic moments recreating all the work I had done why can't I anything android.

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