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Written by crizlai on Jan 20th, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, health, life, lifestyle, living, test

There are more and more insomniacs popping up throughout the world recently due to the excessive pressures from either the working or studying environment. Insomnia can be caused by many factors such as anxiety, stress, depression, excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol or even smoking. An insomniac usually has his mind preoccupied with trying to get more sleep, but eventually the more he tried the more frustrated he would get, thus jumping into more depression. It would be best to seek proper medical advice or get some medical prescriptions for the best sleep aid.

Let’s just do a little test here on how insomniac you are by choosing one answer to the following question. “You are about to go into your dreamland after midnight but a very distracting noise kept you awake. What could that be?”
A. your mobile rang
B. your alarm clock sounded real noisy
C. some strays were having a fight outside
D. the sound of an oncoming bad storm

Scenario A: It indicated how insecure you are feeling now. Most probably you have some unfinished tasks which are getting too near to your deadline. You might possibly get some bad scolding from your boss or even lecturers. Try to be more relax by listening to some slow music. With a more relaxed mind, tasks can be done easily.

Scenario B: Most students who are having an exam or someone who is going to give a presentation or attending an interview the next day. If you think you have prepared yourselves well enough, why worry further about how perfect you are going to be? You have tried your best and the more you fear about it, the more mentally tired you would be and the worst results you would get. Stay cool always and be courageous to face the reality. A mentally stressed mind would never excel in anything.

Scenario C: You just had some relationship issues with someone close to you. It might just be the acceptance of your true self by majority of your superior, subordinates or even friends surrounding you. Stay calm and study deep within your inner self the reason that might have caused the scenario. Do get some advice from people that you can trust and find out the ideal solution to get this out of your mind. By then, life would be brighter for you and everyone near you.

Scenario D: Your inner self would be like a full blown storm with many worries to your expectation in life. Everything and everyone seemed not right and you kept hearing all those voices circulating in your mind finding faults with all your actions. You are not insane as it happened quite often to people who are heavily worked down. The best solution would be to go to a remote and less crowded place to experience the peacefulness of the Mother Nature. Do try to stay calm and feel relax to the utmost before jumping back into your hectic lifestyle.

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Written by crizlai on Jan 11th, 2010 | Filed under: announcement, family, life, Photography, product, rant

Having a newly born child in a family would surely be the pride to any parents. Don’t you think you should make your child into a star by letting the whole world know about his or her arrival? I have seen many ways people had done to bring the arrival announcement to the peak. Some would compile all the nice memories into a scrapbook and show it to everyone. Another would be by producing the best shot in their album and producing it into photos to be attached to handmade announcement cards.

These methods would be great ideas to be personal but not many people have the time to deal with the time consuming task with a hectic work life. Why don’t you leave it to the experts to handle all your birth announcements need while you spend more time rejoicing with your family?

I have received many of these cards over the years and I found them to be of great memories. I even had all of them kept inside one of my scrapbook sections. Browsing through the scrapbook recently, I found some of the child in the cards had grown up to be fine gentlemen and ladies. Wow! Time really flies! If I had any more children, I would surely send out more cards to make them into stars, not only one time but stars forever in anyone’s memories.

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Written by crizlai on Jan 11th, 2010 | Filed under: life, lifestyle, living, rant, technology

The winter of 2009-2010 could set a new record in the history of America as the worst winter ever for the past 2 decades and more. To date, some states had experienced temperature hitting 40 degrees below zero. Almost the entire population of the eastern half of the United States is trying their best to endure the severely low temperature. It looked as if it would be a nationwide chill for many with increasing chill levels overnight even in states such as Florida.

With such bad weather for everyone, don’t you think it would be great if everyone were to have cozy moments by the fireplace this winter? Finding good logs for the fireplace would be almost impossible with such bones drilling chill, won’t you think it would be better to get an electric fireplace instead?

I won’t mind having a freestanding electric stove in my living room right now too. At least it would be portable and less costly than some of the built-in fireplace. It would also be nice to spend some warm moments with my family without even worrying about the coldness out there. I felt like not moving away from the electric stove after experiencing such comfort. Thanks to the convenience of having the remote features where I can just click by the mode of a remote control. Don’t you think life can be much more comfortable now?

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Written by crizlai on Jan 4th, 2010 | Filed under: accessories, life, product, rant, technology

Gone were the days where wired hand free headsets were the rage of that period. Not only were the sets bulky, they get spoiled easily. Today you see a brand new type of wireless gadget practically on the heads of many young professionals as well as those in their golden ages. What are those called? They are the Bluetooth Wireless Headsets.

Thanks to its breakthrough technology, people are now able to talk on their mobile phones in a totally new way. Bluetooth headset is an invaluable tool to boost up the efficiency and productivity in a working environment. Being wireless, tasks that require the usage of both hands can be accomplished within the shortest period of time.

With the advancement in the Bluetooth technology, some brands of headsets can even allow pairing with as many as eight devices at one time and with two devices working simultaneously. Isn’t that great? Now life would be easier if you were to own a set too.

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Written by crizlai on Jan 4th, 2010 | Filed under: accessories, home, life, living, product, rant

Would you believe that I almost got myself locked in my own bedroom? Well, it happened when my bedroom door lock decided to fail on me one early morning when everyone else had gone to work. I was lucky that I had some tools lying around in my bedroom when I was installing my bedroom wardrobe a few days back. If not, who do you think would save me from my own “hell” when I had accidentally left my mobile out in the living room the day before for recharging?

When I bought the property, I thought replacing the still usable door knob was a waste of money. I had never even realized that it would also bring such a bad trauma to my life. “Huh? Locked in my own bedroom? This should not be happening to me as the lock did not show any wear and tear signs all these while.” was the first thought that came into my mind. “What am I going to do with no one around the house even if I were to shout out loud?”

After that bad experience, I was enlightened with the facts that certain common household brands might not always be safe in a long run. What would happen if there was a fire instead? I might not be even alive here ranting now on the benefits of using better quality products. Somehow, I trusted Baldwin hardware a lot as I never had any problems with the products ever since. I really like the quality and security in their products.

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