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Written by crizlai on Apr 18th, 2014 | Filed under: event, fashion, penang

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Yesterday marked the start of Gurney Paragon’s first inaugural Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week (17-19 April 2014). Based on the theme “Taste of Fashion”, the fashion show covered 4 different flavors of fashion, namely sweet, sour, bitter and hot. Do check out on more public shows to be held at the al fresco area of the Festive Square (Gurney Drive entrance) on 18-19 April 2014, 4.00pm and 7.30pm, respectively. Almost 40 international and local brands would deliver their latest collections, modeled by glamorous international models. Some of the featured collections would include brands like Canali, Tumi, La Martina, Debenhams, Adidas Performance, Bebe Butterfly, Brands Outlet, Cotton On, Dressing Paula, Jelly Bunny, Ecco, FILA, My Dream Wedding, Naraya, Hush Puppies, Padini Concept Store, Dennie Yeap, Laicitoo Collection, Puma, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, Missha, SanD’s, Dovey Diary, Samsung, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, Rabeanco, Red’s Revenge, United Colors of Benetton, Venessa Diamond, ISUI Boutique and more.

PARAGONFW01 photo PARAGONFW01_zps15e211d7.jpg

“This event allows the local fashion designers or brand names in fashion to come out and display their latest collection at runway shows. All the brands featured in the fashion show later tonight shows that we are capable of attracting the top brands to dock Penang and eventually provides a platform to show the public what is trendy in the fashion world for the season,” said YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, Penang State EXCO for Tourism Development and Culture.

PARAGONFW02 photo PARAGONFW02_zpscad42c93.jpg

Prior to the fashion show, YB Danny Law also officiated the opening ceremony of “Penang on 6”, a nostalgic hang out hotspot, concept revamped by Dr. Eric Leong, a bold and stylish celebrity interior designer cum principal of The One Academy. The new “Penang on 6” would match the retro-style atmosphere of the old Penang in the 70’s, with colorful bulbs, huge font signages, ancient handmade collectibles and kopitiam. The shoplots within the premises would also allow ambitious entrepreneurs with lower models to expand their businesses.

PARAGONFW03 photo PARAGONFW03_zps0c891b95.jpg

Starting this coming 19 April 2014, there would be a routine themed Retro Saturdays from 2.00pm until 10.00pm. Visitors can roam freely within this nostalgic chamber to seek interesting stuff such as old collectibles, unique fashion & accessories, handicrafts, workshop stalls and more.

Currently, there are two ongoing promotions in Gurney Paragon Mall for the month of April 2014. For all purchases above RM30 in the mall from Monday until Friday, you would get to park your car for free. On top of that, you would also get to redeem cash vouchers or products for certain amount spent in the mall. Coming this May, there are more surprises awaiting shoppers in their Shop & Redeem campaign.


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Written by crizlai on Mar 31st, 2014 | Filed under: accessories, fashion, penang, product, review

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For those who had frequent Penang’s Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR) in the late 80’s (1987), you would have come across a humble little shop by the name of Jefferson Fashion Design. The shop was the in-trend during that era where endless streams of customers from the young as well as companies would seek them for their great cuts and quality custom-tailoring. I was also one of their patrons during that time, seeking the best customized formal wears during that period of time. Today, after almost 3 decades, the name JEFFERSON still stays strong amongst the old and the young in the fashion industry. Ever since the conversion from custom-tailoring to ready-to-wear concept since 2006, the brand JEFFERSON had expanded to 11 outlets nationwide (West & East Malaysia) and a subsidiary for women wear at JS Fashion Square, Prangin Mall, Penang. Not only will the men would be pampered with latest choice of apparels and accessories, the women too would almost get to have their own makeovers with the availability of state-of-the-art apparels ranging from casual, formal, sporty and evening wears. Of course, they won’t be shot of accessories for both the masculine and feminine sides of each individual.

So, what can you get from each of the JEFFERSON outlets? Nevertheless, each outlet is the one-stop makeover venue for the guys, with items ranging from formal shirt, slacks, dinner jackets, coats, bermudas, polo-T, jeans, T-shirts, refined bags, belts, head gears, and various other accessories to complete the masterpiece in you. Don’t be a bore with your usual fashion style and get a fashion makeover with the abundance choice of apparels available at JEFFERSON.

JEFFERSONJS01 photo JEFFERSONJS01_zpsc18a0105.jpg

Here are some of the photos of some of the choices you may consider to make your friends ponder, “Is that really you? You looked so different from how I have seen you before. Those new fashion apparels really made you look superb and stylish.”

JEFFERSONJS02 photo JEFFERSONJS02_zpsc0ebee05.jpg

On the other hand, the sole women subsidiary company of Jefferson, named JS FASHION SQUARE, also do make women look more elegant, sophisticated and stylish in their own nature. The choices available are real affordable for all women who would love to expand their wardrobe.

JEFFERSONJS03 photo JEFFERSONJS03_zps0becbefd.jpg

Here are some of the ladies whom had found their new fashion makeovers with JS FASHION SQUARE.

JEFFERSONJS04 photo JEFFERSONJS04_zps62960867.jpg

If you are into fashion makeovers, do check out the branches available within your vicinity. You sure won’t regret ever visited the outlets as their high quality avant-garde products would make your fashion lifestyle never the same again.

Unit 6 & 7, Lot4.10, 4th Floor, Prangin Mall,
No. 33, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang.
Contact: 013-482 6113
Business Hours: 11.00am-10.00pm
Website: http://www.jefferson.com.my/main.php
Jefferson FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/jeffersonurbanwear
JS Fashion Square FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/jsfashionsq

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Written by crizlai on Mar 12th, 2014 | Filed under: health, living, medical

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LIVEWELL photo LIVEWELL_zpsa9938e76.jpg

OUCH! Without realizing the winks within the many blinks in your lifetime, you had finally hit the 40 sign. It’s a sign where your body clock began to show deteriorating symptoms of failing, mentally and physically. Medications, supplements, vitamins or even frequent visits to the doctors would become quite a routine in your life. So, are you prepared to face these situations with the right spirit? After all, no one can run away from the early signs of getting old. Through decades of wear and tear to your body parts, the first few signs would be the thinning of bones and cartilages, with related diseases namely osteoporosis, osteomalacia, osteoarthritis, costochondritis and more. Most of time, these signs of deterioration might be due to the deficiency in certain body nutrients.

I guessed age did catch up with me all too soon and it did not spare me from the painful blows as well. Recently, I had regular headaches with lower back pains and stiffen chest muscles, combined with tingling numbness on most of my joints. I suspected it was just another work hazard symptom due to my long hours of sitting down without moving about. I used heat pads, went for body massages, applied therapeutic heat rubs and even consumed paracetamol and ibuprofen as painkillers. However, those were only some temporary relief methods. Moreover, taking too many of those painkillers neither would be good for my body in long runs nor would they be the best solutions to eradicate the source of my pains. What I thought was just a minor case of lumbago ended up with more piercing pains along the spines and more stiffen joints. Through my pulse oximeter, my heart was pumping at 120bpm which is above the norm of 70-90bpm. It felt like I was about to die due to a brutal stroke. Eventually, I forced myself to pay my family doctor a visit. Though I had a clean bill of health without any sign of diabetes, the outcome sounded quite devastating as I was diagnosed with a possible early stage of osteoarthritis, a chronic condition characterized by the breakdown of the joint cartilages.

Through the years, I had somehow put my body joints on too much of mechanical stress during my athletic years and age had slowed down the self repair process. On top of being put on calcium supplements to strengthen my bones, I was also put on OsteSAMIN plus Chondroitin and MECOMIN to rebuild those self-repair deficiencies. The diet supplementary Glucosamine within the compound of the OsteSAMIN would help in influencing cartilage structure and alleviate arthritis while the added diet supplementary Chondroitin Sulphate, from animal cartilage sources, would help in strengthening weak bones, reduces high cholesterol, etc. MECOMIN contains Methylcobalamin, a neurologically-active form of vitamin B12. It helps to protect against neurological diseases and has the ability to regenerate damaged nerves in people, especially diabetics, with peripheral nerve damage.

Since undergoing the prescribed diet supplements, I barely encounter any acute attacks and can now move about freely to work on my projects with ease. It’s the best and simplest solution to osteoarthritis without the need to go through painful operations or collagen injections. These products can be easily accessible through major pharmacy counters throughout Malaysia.

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Written by crizlai on Dec 27th, 2013 | Filed under: announcement, penang, property

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Owning your dream home with panoramic sea views overlooking Gurney Drive is just a stone throw away within the vicinity of Straits Quay in Seri Tanjung Pinang, Penang. Do check out Penang’s newest iconic landmark – the City of Dreams (COD). You can now book a freehold luxury lifestyle suite with just a refundable deposit of RM5000. Each unit would start from 1,000SF @ RM 1,000 PSF onwards with facilities such as Private Lift, Private Lobby, Yacht Services, Rolls Royce Limousine, Private Bowling Alley, Private Cinema, Grand Ballroom, Sky Lounge, Sky Pool and so on.

COD01 photo COD01_zps5e49303b.jpg

On top of those facilities, each luxury unit would also come with well equipped kitchen accessories. You won’t want to miss out this golden opportunity right?

COD02 photo COD02_zps2b558f15.jpg

Do visit them at Zeon Properties Group Booth B2 During PIP Expo in Straits Quay this coming Saturday and Sunday (28 & 29 December 2013) or Call 013-443 8888 (Jackson) / 012-477 9144 (Ronaldo) now for more info.

COD03 photo COD03_zpsa44f16d8.jpg

The management of City Of Dreams do made sure that everyone has a chance to be involved in the project. Currently they are running a Logo Design Contest with a whooping grand prize of USD1000. The closing date for the contest is on Wednesday, 8 January 2014 before noon. To those creative minds out there, do try your luck as you might get yourself into the history book of the City Of Dreams. Submission is to be emailed to admin@cityofdreams.net.my with Full Name as in IC/Passport, IC/Passport Number, Contact Number and Email Address in the following format: JPEG/PNG/TIFF/BMP not less than 2MB per file. Terms and Conditions apply. Please click on the poster below or visit their FaceBook for more information.

COD04 photo COD04_zps1838701f.jpg

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Written by crizlai on Sep 15th, 2013 | Filed under: bloggers, entertainment, event

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Leading up to Arthur’s Day on the 27th of September 2013, Penangites had a fun-filled night of fun, music and pints of the black brew at the arTHURSDAY party at SOHO Free House yesterday.

ARTHURS201301 photo ARTHURS201301_zps56e0f2ad.jpg

(From left to right): Julie Kuan, Team Guinness Malaysia, Leslie Liang, Area Sales Manager, Guinness Anchor Berhad, Dave Chin, Owner of Soho Free House Penang and Thompson Chuah, Team Guinness Malaysia, gracing the event.

The event which was part of a series of mini parties organized by GUINNESS® Malaysia towards the big celebration party to be held at Sepang International Circuit, Selangor, Malaysia. Bloggers and fans were spoilt for choice with exciting games, activities and prizes.

ARTHURS201302 photo ARTHURS201302_zps9eb5be47.jpg

The crowd’s favourite activity of the night was what they called the ‘Human Jukebox’, where GUINNESS® fans who were bold enough to step up to the play, had the power to choose the music of their choice. Local celebrity emcee, Cody Lim brought in much fun and laughter to the event with spot games and trivia quiz with the crowd. As the evening eased into night, the party ended with some lucky winners walking home with free tickets to the Arthur’s Day™ concert!

ARTHURS201303 photo ARTHURS201303_zps68f5045e.jpg

The bloggers and guests had a fun time learning the correct way to fill their own glass to the brim as how a top class GUINNESS Draught should be.

ARTHURS201304 photo ARTHURS201304_zps2595c2e8.jpg

ARTHURS201305 photo ARTHURS201305_zps16be94b0.jpg

ARTHURS201307 photo ARTHURS201307_zpsb4dc1fa5.jpg

All bloggers went home happily with a set of limited edition miniature bottles each.

ARTHURS201306 photo ARTHURS201306_zpsae8b1616.jpg

More mini parties would be held at the following places. Step up to the challenge and be bold enough to participate in the exciting activities at any of our arTHURSDAY parties happening nationwide, and you could be in the running to win a pair of Arthur’s Day 2013 tickets!

19 September 2013
The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza
Malones, Sooka Sentral

21 September 2013
History Bistroz, Ipoh
Phat Barrels, Kuantan

26 September 2013
Backyard, Sri Hartamas
Sid’s Pub, Bangsar South

So don’t miss out on all the fun and get ready to be part of the most exciting rock & roll concert at Sepang International Circuit, Selangor this coming 27 September 2013. Below are some quotes by the participating bands. Log on to www.arthursday.com.my or www.facebook.com/guinnessmalaysia for more information.

FIVE FOR FIGHTING (John Ondrasik): “I am very excited to be a part of the Arthur’s Day celebrations in Malaysia! Join me and millions around the world as we toast to one of the boldest man in history, Arthur Guinness and to those like him, the Arthur Guinness fund awardees, my comrades that will be rocking the Arthur’s Day stage this year and all of you fans out there! To Arthur!”


ALL AMERICAN REJECTS (Mike Kennerty, Tyson Ritter, Chris Gaylor & Nick Wheeler): “Arthur’s Day is going to be one hell of ride and we have an exciting gig prepared especially for you, our Malaysian fans. We really appreciate the Arthur’s Day message on social entrepreneurship and how the Arthur Guinness fund has made an impact on thousands of people around the world. We are glad to be part of the celebrations this year in tribute to his unbelievable legacy.”


THE WANTED (Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes, Max George & Tom Parker): “We’re excited to be part of the Malaysian celebrations happening at Sepang International Circuit on the 27th of September 2013! We’re ready along with our comrades Five for Fighting and All American Rejects to rock the Arthur’s day stage this year as we pay tribute to Arthur Guinness and his legacy of goodness. To Arthur!”


Now you might wonder how to get your hands on exclusive Arthur’s Day tickets and be part of the most epic Arthur’s Day celebrations yet. The easiest most sure-some way to get your hands on Arthur’s Day tickets is to visit www.arthursday.com.my and to purchase your tickets to guarantee your spot at what’s set to be a rocking night of music!

ARTHURSDAY2013-POSTER photo ARTHURSDAY2013-POSTER_zps7f6e5300.jpg

For 3 major international concerts in one night; tickets prices are unbelievable! Ticket prices are going at:-

EARLY BIRD (RM 98 until 8 September 2013);
NORMAL (RM 118 from 9 September 2013 onward);
AT THE DOOR (RM 138 at the entrance to concert on 27 September 2013)

On top of that, in line with this year’s theme, “honoring those who make bolder choices”, GUINNESS® invites you to be bold, step up to the play and sing your way to some awesome discounts! Visit www.arthursday.com.my, click on the “sing for discounts” tab, sing your heart away with this year’s rocking artists and stand a chance to get up to RM30 off your ticket purchase.

Stay tuned to Hitz and Mix fm: You can also tune in daily to Hitz.fm at 92.9 fm and Mix fm at 94.5 fm to participate in their on-air contest for a chance to get your hands on some exclusive complimentary tickets to Arthur’s Day 2013! Limited tickets to be won so do stay tuned!

Your ticket to Arthur’s Day with E! and Diva Universal: Our official TV partners, E! and Diva Universal are featuring an online contest for fans to win their Arthur’s Day tickets for a limited time only. Log on to www.facebook.com/eonlineas and stand a chance to win and join in the remarkable celebration. “To Arthur!”

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