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Have you heard about the tissue healing value of the Snakehead Murrel (Channa striatus or Ikan Haruan)? Many states in the USA and countries like Australia prohibited the breeding of the Snakeheads as they can become invasive species and cause ecological damage as they are top-level predators. But in many of the Asian and African countries, they are bred as a valuable food and medical source. The fish has been traditionally used in Asian cooking for those post pregnancy and post operation patients as it has miraculous healing effects for wounds.

A few years back, a local professor found 4 lipo-protein compounds, complex molecules containing amino and fatty acids that are responsible for wound healing. When absorbed into our body system, the lipo-proteins will react to the broken human tissue and catalyze fibroblast or scar tissue development. Ongoing researches are still being done to fine tune the dosage and extract the lipo-proteins for pharmaceutical development. Surprisingly, these lipo-proteins can only be found in wild snakeheads as aqua-cultured ones were found to be not so effective.

Let us hope that by working closely with a clinical laboratory service company, an exact formula can be developed soon to help those with wound healing difficulty especially those diabetic and cancer patients.

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I have always dreamt of staying in a ranch and taking horse rides to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Can you imagine how fresh and unpolluted the air is compared to the urban skyscrapers filled city? Staying healthy and staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city whenever I could have become my alternate lifestyle. It is indeed a great change of environment to be able to breathe in fresh clean air.

Riding a horse is not so hard if you are well equipped with the correct equipments and accessories for the trip. There are a lot of different brands of saddles and safety helmets available in the market. Make sure that you choose saddles that are designed well for riding. You need to get one with enough room to slide forward and backward. Furthermore, you have to ascertain that it is comfortable to you as well as your horse.

On top of that, you have to ensure that the safety helmets are meant for equestrian purposes and not any other biking helmets. Equestrian safety helmets are designed to protect the back of the head in case you fall backwards. Moreover, if you are still new in this, never go on a trip alone without any companion. You might not know when accident will happen and you really needed someone’s help.

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Do I ready need to have at least one reading magnifier in my possession? That is the question I have always asked myself. The answer is yes. It is not that I have poor eyesight or am getting too old to see things clearer. The reason is that nowadays a lot of the labels especially the prescription labels are with such small prints that it strained the eyes just to be able to read them.

On top of that, some of the clauses in an agreement are typed so small that it would be risky if you did not read and understand them well prior to signing up. There are many type of reading magnifiers around the market place, ranging from lighted table top magnifiers, hand held magnifiers, pocket magnifiers, to LED illuminated magnifiers for you to choose. Get one today as you might not know when you really need it urgently.

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Have you seen the latest features on Smorty, a service connecting advertisers with bloggers? Not only will bloggers will get paid for blogging and to review advertisers’ products and services in their blog, they will have the opportunity to be in their Referral Program to earn more. You can even check out their new Blog and Forum to learn more on how to blog for money.

What impressed me more is the newest addition of the Post Exchange feature. This is aimed to help to increase the page rank, search engine results (SEO), traffic and building a tighter community within its members. Bloggers of the same category and star ratings will write positive posts about each other and in exchange another different blogger will write a post about your blog. Although you will not get paid for doing so, this is a genius step to help each other members within the community. If it is not Smorty, who else would think of coming up with this wonderful feature?

Why hesitate when you can blog for money? Signing up is just a few clicks away. Approval would be within 2 days but mine was approved within hours. Don’t you think Smorty is really efficient and reliable?

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Getting an e-business set up has not been so easy at all if not with the latest introduction of the web based shopping cart software. Can you imagine having your business up and moving within just a few minutes? No only is the software so hassle-free to set up, it required no installation at all. Everything is web-based. You can even customize it to your own preferences and also have a few selections of payment options to choose from.

There are so many features in this affordable, flexible and powerful ecommerce software that you will not be disappointed with what it has to offer. Why wait when you can sign up now and get to try out free for 10 days! If you are not happy with the product, you can always cancel the order within the trial period. How many software purchases do you know out there that are having this wonderful money-back guarantee?

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